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The Rules

A D6-Based Game system


The game system is simple to use and understand even by beginners. At its core it’s a dice pool game mechanic using regular six-sided dice. You roll dice equal to your Ability and any bonus dice. Each dice that turn out 4 or more is a ”success”. Sixes can be rerolled for extra successes. If you get more successes than your challenging dice roll, you succeed in what you were trying.

As the foundation of the game system is designed together with children, consistency and simplicity are key components of the system. The system is still versatile enough to handle many different situations and different gradients of success and failure if necessary.

An essential part of the system is that it encourages the players to use their imagination and come up with solutions that fit their own characters’ style.

Bloodless Battles

One thing that separates Astraterra from the most other role-playing games is that it is bloodless. By this we mean that when ever there is fighting or other dangerous situations, people get knocked out, they run away or surrender instead of being maimed or killed.This also means that the player characters will not die, unless it is dramatically appropriate or the player wants it.

As in many animated films, blood and gory violence just is not part of what Astraterra is about. This is the way we intended Astraterra to be, but if you like, you can of course make things how ever you like them to be.



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